Chapter four – Closing the first part and half a day off with donkeys


The Sunday morning was meant to be a fading out morning! We opened up this subject to the group. We shared to the group about our view on how the process was going and how we’d like to deal with it as facilitators. The day was about closing so called the first part of the project and taking half a day off for digesting the experiences so far, resting and having also some free flow private time.
For the morning session we started the „space work“ as usual, yet this time giving more responsibility to the group. We left out the guidance and also any support by music. We knew it would be a challenge (more for some than for the others), but we kept on developing by offering changes and surprising moments within an already known structure to keep the process „fresh and alive“. We believed that this was and is essential in the overtaking process by the group.
For the second half of the morning we facilitated the full body self-portrait work. As preparation we cut the paper in the fitting sizes by letting each participant lie on the paper role.



Afterwards we had an intensive and validating sharing about what the viewers perceived from the painting and what the creator of the painting went through in the process. Some more you can read about this working concept in the menu:


„Kommunikation in der Begegnung“.

In the afternoon some of the group went to visit Stephanie’s farm; she is one of the three wonderful women running the Kultur-Tagugshaus „KUTA“. Aside this work she is doing cheese production and facilitates school class visits for children who come to spend time in her farm to be in nature and with animals. The sun was shining for the first time since we arrived and the participants had great fun!


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