Chapter five – Facing confusion in creative processes


I have a sorry mask, but I must confess that there was no point in writing in the last days. The work became so intensive that my focus needed to be with the group process! I just could sort out the pictures I took for not losing the overview over the last days – and these were exciting and challenging days!!! So you will get the whole story I promised.

But don’t think that I will tell the complete story or even that you could find some sort of universal truth – IT IS JUST A MELODRAMA …

OPENING – misunderstanding/ confusing/excitement/fragility: CREATIVITY!

Monday morning as the opening for the part two of the project began with confusion. After I shared with the group that we start the next chapter of the process by facing the unknown, Jungyeon and I noticed a huge misunderstanding between us about how we would begin…
Even as an experienced facilitator I start every time „anew“ being part in creative processes. The only routine is the trust in my own feelings – my „GUT FEELING“. Listening to my gut feeling encourages me in the moments of uncertainty and fragility. The inner knowing that there is no point other than facing the unknown territory of creativity! And the experience that confusion and fragility are a substantial part of creative processes!!!

Jungyeon and I had an intensive preparation for the opening of the Monday morning. We had made a good start with the work and were happy how everything had been working so far. It seemed to be perfect. And it was! And (not „but“) at the same time as a parallel reality we had to acknowledge in the moment of meeting the group on Monday morning and starting to introduce the part II process that the „reality“ mirrored something else: we two found ourselves in a huge misunderstanding how to begin!!! Insecurity took over and we had to take a break for sorting us out. I decided to withdraw my plan and to trust my partner to carry on.


After a five-minute break we continued the circle by telling the group that we were unclear about the beginning and had to allow ourselves a new start.

After a five-minute break we continued the circle by telling the group that we were unclear about the beginning and had to allow ourselves a new start.


Being totally lost…

I started letting go all my plans. And I had to be with all my feelings around my confusion. How to start with the „I don’t know – mask“? And the feeling around that mask? I sat on the sofa in the studio watching my partner starting something I didn’t know, hoping that it was working and that I will somehow get back into the flow…
I struggled and I achieved accepting the invitation of the moment by connecting in the „now“…


The day turned into an intensive working experience. Working wise we focused on the aspect of „architecture on stage“. As a performer on stage it seems essential to know: where I am – for being able to relate to the „now“ sensing the unique quality of space in the moment.

The opening with confusion seemed to be a perfect start to undergo the particular moment of beginning something new. It opened the stage for a deeper understanding also by showing that we as facilitators are willing to deal with „not knowing„ mirroring the principle of THE EMPTY SPACE…

Where to be on stage?



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